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Multiple aspects of doing SEO - Search Engine Optimization
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Google tightens up. by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
It is year end SEO report time and analyzing a few thousand search terms definitely shows the refinements in Google's algorithms. Working from keyword phrase lists generated over the year shows Google tightening up its relevance and being less forgiving of spelling errors.
Published: Tuesday 01 December, 2009
Uncovering the Google Algorithm by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
We talk about the Google ranking algo and talk about pieces of it here and there. Let us bring it out into the open and examine the ranking factors. I do not agree with the majority in the ranking of the elements below and would place on page keyword use in the primary importance category, as ...
Published: Saturday 26 September, 2009
The logic of submitting or not submitting to Google. by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
There has been some discussion about whether a new site should be submitted using Google\'s manual submission routine. A good number feel that you should, but those of us in opposition are equally vocal in our conviction that it is not a good idea.
Published: Saturday 26 September, 2009
Increase Conversion from Search - Optimizing for the sale. by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
Fighting ever increasing SEM costs. (Search Engine Marketing) Increasing conversions begins with an effective keyword strategy. Generally it is better to start with a 2 word key-phrase*. People are statistically shown to use more than one w --> More
Published: Friday 18 September, 2009
Eye Tracking - What does it tell you? by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
Here are samplings of a site tracking it's visitor's actions. Notice that in all the screens that there is almost no call to actions used from below the fold. The left navigation menu is mostly used by visitors coming from a direct link and the link in the body text is the one that gets the most...
Published: Friday 18 September, 2009
Fundamentals of Building Links by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
Links MUST reflect value. There’s no “best practices,” and no “right way” when building links, there’s only creativity, intelligence, and hard work. Links are primarily about sharing, and getting traffic, but they have also become a commodity due to Google's Page Rank. Now, when one discusses...
Published: Wednesday 16 September, 2009
HELP!! Google sandboxed me.. What do I do? by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
An exercise in frustration. One of my associates recently designed a new site to promote a product and once it was listed, (in the mid 300’s), changes to the site were not updated. Welcome to Google’s much discussed and rightly feared “sandbox”...........
Published: Tuesday 15 September, 2009
The "H" is never silent. by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
The "H" is never silent. When building your website there are times to use the tags, These are ..............
Published: Tuesday 15 September, 2009
Debunking listing "facts". by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
On the site, How do I make a website, there is an article by another site that Ryan featured. How to get a top listing on Google Search Engine fast. This article was published on Jan 4th of this year, so it *should be listed in google by now. Let us see what happens when we search for "How ...
Published: Thursday 18 June, 2009
Meta tag construction. by Reg CharieTopic: SEO
Like code to text ratio or keyword density, just forget all the "fancy" additions to the meta tags and get as basic as you can. KISS - Keep It Short and Simple Consider the following: There is nothing as relevant as your keywords. Meta tag construction is based on relevance, as done for my ....
Published: Tuesday 28 April, 2009
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 articles) Result Pages:  1 

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